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Filjoon (a brand of Mana Almas Fatemi Corporation) manufactures and sells a wide range of plastic goods, including disposable tablecloths, waste bags, freezer bags, and food protection cellophane.

داستان فیلجون ( مانا الماس فاطمی )

Filjoon, a New Management Style

Reza Fatemi

Rouzbeh Fatemi

Mana Almas Fatemi Corporation began operations in 2008 from a modest workshop in Tehran’s Yafet Abad neighborhood under the manufacturing name Fatemi Plastics. At the time, the Fatemi brothers, who had no prior expertise in the plastics sector, opted to compete with the industry’s behemoths.

After a year of hard work and determination, they began producing nylex and nylon around the clock.

With the host brand and its supply and introduction to all regions of the nation in 2012, it created a reputation for itself in the country’s plastic sector. The youthful management of this collection’s ideas and ingenuity led them to design a cost-effective product with the weight and quality required by consumers and to decide to offer the 400-gram tablecloth for the first time.

Due to the group’s long-term and high aims in the area of job creation, the number of our employees rose every day as the quantity of production and contemporary machinery increased. In the manufacturing halls now, we employ more than 30 young, educated professionals.

We are happy to have made a little step toward promoting the Iran Supreme Leader’s aims and commands. Given our country’s unique circumstances during the embargo, Mana Almas Fatemi Company decided to improve the unfavorable production conditions by increasing exports to neighboring countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Armenia, Turkey, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and, for the first time, Australia in order to import currency into our country. With our group’s encouragement, young individuals moved farther and looked at European nations, and we now have business relationships with Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia.

Every day, Mana Almas Fatemi firm looks for new markets and produces new goods with the help of talented managers and educated and industrious workers in different positions of the group. It is one of the most proficient organizations in the manufacture of disposable tablecloths this month.In the sector of disposable items.

Mana Almas Fatemi introduced its new brand Filjoon in 1998. These items were introduced to the market with exceptional and distinctive quality, and they were met with enthusiastic approval. Disposable tables may be purchased straight from the Filjoon plant.

فیلجون ( شرکت مانا الماس فاطمی )
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