Filjoon disposable table

Filjoon disposable table

سفره یکبار مصرف 400 گرمی الوان چاپی فیلجون

Filjoon Alvan printed disposable table 400 gram

Filjoon alvan disposable table 400 g

سفره یکبار مصرف 400 گرمی الوان فیلجون
سفره یکبار مصرف 400 گرمی فیلجون (مانا الماس فاطمی )

Filjon pattern full disposable tablecloth 400 gram

Filjon shiri disposable tablecloth 400 gram

سفره یکبار مصرف فیلجون ( مانا الماس فاطمی )
سفره یکبار مصرف 500 گرمی الماس فیلجون (مانا الماس فاطمی )

Filjon almas disposable table cloth 500 g

Filjoon printed alvan Disposable tablecloth 1 k

سفره یکبار مصرف الوان چاپی 1 کیلویی فیلجون​
سفره یکبار مصرف کاغذی فیلجون

Filjoon paper disposable table

Filjoon Talakoob disposable table

سفره یکبار مصرف مجلسی طلا کوب فیلجون​
سفره یکبار مصرف فیلجون ( مانا الماس فاطمی )

Filjoon almas lolei disposable tablecloth

Filjon aghigh disposable tablecloth

سفره یکبار مصرف عقیق فیلجون​

Filjoon disposable table

Mana Almas Manufacturing Company is a producer of all kinds of plastic and disposable nylons, which also sells its products in bulk and accepts active representatives in different cities. Filjoon Plastic Company produces all kinds of disposable tablecloths, which are produced in various designs and colors.
Mana Almas products include disposable tablecloths, nylon gloves, freezer bags, garbage bags and cellophane.

(To buy Filjon disposable tablecloth, call 021-46134191)
Disposable tablecloths. Buy disposable tablecloths

Disposable tablecloths are sometimes overlooked as an alternative to using other tablecloths for environmental reasons, there is an unfair stigma about disposable products being harmful. This is not always true, however, a wide range of paper tablecloths are made from recycled paper, meaning they have a negligible impact on natural resources. Only single-use products that come into direct contact with food/beverage should be made from virgin paperboard, single-use tablecloths do not fall into this category.

Due to the increasing workload of families, who mostly work outside the home, we no longer have time to live in a traditional way. One of the products that made our work easier is Filjoon tablecloth. This tablecloth can be easily used everywhere and is produced in two types of nylon and paper.
The price of a disposable tablecloth with a thin arch is lower than the price of a nylon tablecloth and it has less resistance. In fact, this product is widely used in homes. Because you don’t need to clean and wash the tablecloth anymore and you can easily throw it away. Purchase and price of a high quality nylon banquet table with a width of about one meter and variable length

According to your needs, you can cut it in different sizes. The price of a disposable thin arch tablecloth is lower than the price of a nylon tablecloth and it has less resistance. In fact, this product is widely used in homes. Because you don’t need to clean and wash the tablecloth anymore and you can easily throw it away. Purchase and price of a nylon banquet table with a maximum width of about one meter and variable length, which you can cut into different sizes according to your needs. In its new products in disposable tablecloths, Filjon unveiled the children’s disposable tablecloth design. This tablecloth is for children and you can use it when your child is playing or coloring so that your child’s dirty work does not bother you.
Filjoon disposable table types include simple and multi-layered. The difference between a single-use tablecloth and simple disposable tablecloths is that there are lines where the tablecloths can be cut from the same points. Each of these cuts is suitable for 4 people.

(To buy Filjon disposable tablecloth, call 021-46134191)
The perforating operation in the produced tablecloths is one of the last stages of the tablecloth production process. One of the products that makes our work easier is Filjon tablecloth. This tablecloth can be easily used everywhere and is produced in two types of nylon and paper.
Filjoon products include Filjoon disposable tablecloth, Filjoon garbage bag, Filjoon freezer bag and Filjoon food protection cellophane. Dear consumers, you can contact us at 021-021-46134191 to prepare and buy Filjon disposable table. Our colleagues in the sales department are always responsive to you, dear consumers.

فیلجون ( شرکت مانا الماس فاطمی )

Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, different devices and accessories have been created for the convenience and ease of human work, and disposable tablecloths are one of them. Because with this great idea, there has been a lot of change. We will discuss the benefits of this product in the following:

  • Suitable dimensions and price of disposable table per kilo

One of the features of this product is having ideal dimensions. For this purpose, its width is about one meter and its length is arbitrary, depending on our needs, we can divide the kilo tablecloth into different parts from the perforated part or with scissors. Some of the disposable table products are 40 cm long and some are longer. But most of our products have a large size.

  • Having high quality in simple white disposable table

Some disposable tablecloths are of high quality and some are of low quality. Filjoon products have high quality and good thickness. Having the right price is very important for many buyers of nylon tablecloths. Some companies lower the quality of products in order to provide affordable products, but Manaalams company Disposable tableware factory in Tehran sells its products at a good price and with high quality.

When buying a thick tablecloth, you should first know what its types are and whether you want it for personal use or for a party. Because these tables have different designs and materials, and they will have different prices according to the materials and designs.

The price of a dining table by the meter

Buying a disposable table: This tablecloth design is called a patterned tablecloth because it is similar to a regular tablecloth and has very beautiful and special designs. They are used in parliament. These tables can be used in different gatherings and celebrations and even in mourning ceremonies due to their many designs. The price of the banquet table is not much different from other tables.

Should the banquet table have a perforage?

In a single-use banquet table, because it is used for ceremonies with long dimensions, there is no need to have perforations, because when the tablecloth is opened and the presence of perforations becomes apparent, the tablecloth can be easily separated and it will not have an attractive appearance.

The main criterion for banquet tables is the quality of printing and its beautiful appearance, because if the printing does not have a good quality, it cannot be called a banquet table.

Rolled disposable tablecloth

These beautiful disposable tablecloths have a very beautiful and special appearance. To buy a disposable tablecloth, we suggest you try these because paper napkins are used for its preparation, and for this reason, this type of tablecloth is mostly used in parties and formal gatherings.

Roll definition

If the two-layer tablecloth product is in one piece and a continuous strip, it is called a roll.

The price of shishei disposable table

To buy a disposable glass tablecloth, you should also know that because of the type of material used for this type of tablecloth, you can use this tablecloth for your parties.

The use of a glass disposable table

Do you like those printed tablecloths that are waterproof and add beauty to your plain tables? Filjoon’s premium printed tablecloths are made of first-class materials and can protect your tables from damage and accidental scratches. Add a touch of festive sparkle to banquet tables, dessert tables, cake tables or guest tables with our colorful and exciting typography.

The price of a disposable tablecloth

These disposable tablecloths have beautiful designs. Of course, they are not made of paper and are considered plastic tablecloths, but the main point here is that golden designs are engraved on these tablecloths, which doubles the beauty of the tablecloths. Therefore, you can use these tables for your gatherings.

The size of luxurious and luxurious disposable tablecloths

These tablecloths are produced in rolls of 300 or 400 grams and are classified according to the following options:

  1. 9 meter disposable table
  2. 12 meter disposable table
  3. 50 meter disposable table This table is one of the most popular products. The price of the 50 meter tablecloth is very affordable considering its size and weight.

Inexpensive disposable tablecloths, which are considered among ordinary tablecloths, do not have any restrictions on production size, and the rolls of this tablecloth are usually 200 to 700 grams. And its size is more like this: 25 meter and 50 meter table, 100 meter table

Thickness of disposable polyester tablecloth

In this section, we introduce the tables based on thickness. These options are among the most popular thicknesses in table products:

  1. The thickness of 12 microns is suitable for luxury and banquet tables.
  2. The thickness of 20 microns is suitable for ordinary tablecloths.
  3. The thickness of 35 microns is suitable for carbon tables.

Different weights of disposable tablecloths

In addition to length, which is a criterion in disposable tablecloths, some tablecloths have different weights and grams. For example, a disposable table of 450 grams, 500 grams, 200 grams and….. Naturally, because of this weight, their quality also varies. The price of the 400 gram tablecloth will also vary according to its high weight.

When it comes to disposable products, what matters about the quality of this product?

In response to the above question, we raise the following points.

The material used in the production of the product should be hygienic: currently, due to the spread of the corona virus and the continuation of different types of this virus, choosing a quality product that is free of contamination is definitely effective in preventing the spread of the disease. Especially since the tablecloth is a product that is used in family gatherings and is considered a widely used product, you should choose a product that is made of completely hygienic raw materials.

In recent years, the production of low-quality products has also increased, and some people have increased the amount of carbon in plastic materials, which has reduced the quality of the product and made it harmful.

So, when buying disposable products, pay attention to the type of raw materials used in the product and make sure that there is a standard certificate on the product.

Design and color of the product: the attractiveness of the table is important in making the table look beautiful. The more formal and elegant the table, the more guests can be served. Especially when you have busy events, you can choose the table according to your desired color and design.

Raw materials of disposable plastic tablecloth: 90% of polyethylene granules and 10% of carbon are used to make and produce first-class disposable tablecloths, and paint is also used to color and create designs on the tablecloth.

Use of permitted and standard colors: The colors used in Filjon tablecloths are hygienically standard and do not contain any toxic substances. Because most of the tools and utensils get hot when cooking food and this heat is also transferred to the table, when the color used is not standard, the pollution and toxic substances of these colors may penetrate into the food inside the table and cause problems for consumers later. to do

To buy disposable tablecloths, Filjon produces very high-quality products that are safe for the health of our dear consumers, taking these options into account, so feel free to purchase and use our products.

فیلجون ( شرکت مانا الماس فاطمی )