Disposable Tablecloth

Filjoon Disposable Tablecloth

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Freezer Bag

Filjoon Freezer Bag

Super Transparency

Garbage Bag

Filjoon Garbage Bag

The Bomb Of The Market Is Here

Cellophane Food Protection

Filjoon Cellophane Food Protection

Durable And High Quality

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Manaalmas Fatemi Company started its activity in 2008 from a very small workshop in Yaftabad area of ​​Tehran with the initial name “Fatemi Plastic Manufacturing”, at that time Fatemi brothers without any experience in The plastic industry decided to operate and compete with the giants of this industry


years of

With the industry’s elders, Filjoon (Mana Almas Fatemi) having the most advanced machines and equipment in the world and expert staff, being equipped with the latest laboratory methods and quality control, receiving the necessary certificates and approvals, and using the best quality raw materials, and by providing the best services to consumers, it always has a place in the consumption basket of family products

Filjoon Products
Variety And Quality, In Your Honor
محصولات با کیفیت فیلجون ( شرکت مانا الماس فاطمی )
Product Warranty

The Filjoon collection guarantees the quality and performance of all plastic goods created by the company

فروش عمده محصولات فیلجون ( شرکت مانا الماس فاطمی )

Filjoon collection goods are also available in bulk.

محصولات قیمت مناسب فیلجون ( شرکت مانا الماس فاطمی )
Reasonable Price

In addition to great quality, the Filjoon line goods are reasonably priced.

Spectacular Gems From Filjoon

Years ago, we became well-known for our tableware brand and its supply and introduction into the country’s plastic sector. The thoughts and resourcefulness of Mana Almas Fatemi Company’s youthful management resulted in a variety of high-quality and inexpensive Filjoon brand items that were enthusiastically received by you, dear consumers. We are honored by your confidence and collaboration with the greatest of Iran’s plastic market, such as different disposable tablecloths, trash bags, freezer bags, and food cellophane with the Filjoon brand, which has a diamond shine in a close-up view

خرید کیسه زباله ارزان فیلجون ( مانا الماس فاطمی)
فیلجون ( شرکت مانا الماس فاطمی )
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