Filjon garbage bag

Filjoon garbage bag

کیسه زباله 200 و 250 گرم فیلجون ( مانا الماس فاطمی )

Filjon London garbage bag 200 gram

Filjon garbage bag 250 gram

کیسه زباله 200 و 250 گرم فیلجون ( مانا الماس فاطمی )
کیسه زباله 400 گرم فیلجون ( مانا الماس فاطمی )

Filjon garbage bag 400 gram

Filjon garbage bag 1 k

کیسه زباله فیلجون ( مانا الماس فاطمی)
خرید کیسه زباله فیلجون ( مانا الماس فاطمی )

Filjon super sanati garbage bag

Filjon garbage bag

In any place where there is a human footprint, such as homes, workplaces, universities and schools, streets, etc., there is always garbage It is created and one of the solutions to maintain and observe hygiene and cleanliness is to use a garbage bag to manage waste. In fact, the use of garbage bags has become one of the constant needs of humans. Leaving garbage in the environment, in addition to creating an ugly and disgusting appearance, it also damages the nature, followed by compensation damages. It brings inevitability to humanity.

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Apart from the fact that garbage bags are used for collecting and separating garbage, garbage bags are used for other purposes, such as storing things and using garbage bags when moving, etc. There are different types of garbage bags, such as strapped garbage bags, London garbage bags, and rolly garbage bags. Also, there are 2 different types of garbage bags: 1- Nylon (LDPE): Nylon or light polyethylene 2- Nylex (HDPE): Nylex or heavy polyethylene

Filjon garbage bags are rolled and perforated, and the existence of perforation makes it easy to separate the garbage bags, and it is also easy to tie the edges of Filjon garbage bags. Filjon garbage bags are made of heavy polyethylene. and it is of Nylex type.

Garbage bags available in the market have different qualities and degrees, but the bag

Using new and first-class raw materials, Filjon garbage has guaranteed production quality, resistant stitching and thickness according to the dimensions. The types of Filjon garbage bags are as follows:

Filjon one kilo garbage bag, Filjon half kilo garbage bag, Filjon London garbage bag, Filjon super industrial garbage bag, Filjon 200 gram garbage bag, Filjon 250 gram garbage bag and Filjon 400 gram garbage bag.

In the end, taking into account that garbage is produced in every environment every day, and this has prompted us to sell Philjon garbage bags in bulk as well as retail.

(To buy Filjon garbage bags, call 021-46134191)

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Other products Filjoon include disposable tablecloths, aluminum foil, disposable gloves, freezer bags, etc.

فیلجون ( شرکت مانا الماس فاطمی )
فیلجون ( شرکت مانا الماس فاطمی )