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Unique variety

Filjoon products,
with different designs and colors,
It suits your taste.

بالا ترین کیفیت - محصولات فیلجون ( مانا الماس فاطمی )
The highest quality

Using first grade raw materials,
Filjoon brand products with the highest quality
We bring to you.

تجذیه پذیر - محصولات فیلجون ( مانا الماس فاطمی )
Degradable and environmentally friendly

Filjon degradable products,
Loves nature.
Green, for you

Filjoon products

Filjoon products include Filjoon disposable tablecloth, Filjoon garbage bag, Filjoon freezer bag and Filjoon food protection cellophane. Dear consumers, you can contact us at 021-46134191 to prepare and buy Filjon food protective cellophane.

Our colleagues in the sales department are always responsive to you, dear consumers.

سفره یکبار مصرف فیلجون ( مانا الماس فاطمی )

Filjoon disposable table

Filjoon disposable table

Disposable tablecloths are sometimes overlooked as an alternative to using other tablecloths for environmental reasons, there is an unfair stigma about the harmfulness of disposable products. This is not always true, however, a wide range of paper tablecloths are made from recycled paper, meaning they have a negligible impact on natural resources. Only single-use products that come into direct contact with food/beverage should be made from virgin paperboard, single-use tablecloths do not fall into this category.

Filjoon garbage bag

Filjoon garbage bag

In any place where there is a human footprint, such as home, workplace, universities and schools, streets, etc., always Garbage It is created and one of the solutions to maintain and observe hygiene and cleanliness is to use a garbage bag to manage waste. In fact, the use of garbage bags has become one of the constant needs of humans.

کیسه زباله فیلجون ( مانا الماس فاطمی )
کیسه فریزر فیلجون ( مانا الماس فاطمی )

Filjoon freezer bag

Filjoon freezer bag

Freezer bags are one of the most used and necessary products in every home and kitchen. There are several reasons for using a freezer bag. Hygienic packaging and storing food in the refrigerator and freezer, preventing the penetration of moisture and also keeping food safe from contamination are among these reasons. In fact, food packaging is one of the main reasons for using freezer bags.

Filjoon food cellophane

Filjoon food protective cellophane

One of the main uses of food protective cellophane is to maintain the health and hygiene of food so that it is not directly exposed to contamination. In fact, due to the adhesive properties of food protective cellophanes, it prevents the penetration of moisture by covering the surface of food. and air will enter and will prevent the food from getting moldy and will increase the life of the food.

سلفون محافظ غذا فیلجون ( مانا الماس فاطمی )
فیلجون ( شرکت مانا الماس فاطمی )
فیلجون ( شرکت مانا الماس فاطمی )